Reminder: The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 28th 2018

ClearDay are currently making internal GDPR preparations to be ready and to present as ‘best practice’. Our focus is mainly from a security and technology perspective, but we hope to offer clients a consultancy and support service to address all aspects of GDPR compliance.

To that end, training has been planned, alongside industry insights and tools, to ensure we can speak with a degree of authority. Simon Beresford is now enrolled on theĀ Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation (GDPR) Training Course, through IT Governance. Further training will be planned to enable ClearDay to offer its services as a Data Protection Officer, on a consultancy basis, to exisiting and new clients, going forward.

In the meantine, it is imperative that a dialogue begins (or contiunues) with stakeholders and staff, concering preparations for this new regulation. Talk with the developers of Line of Business (LoB) applications to see how they plan to assist your organisation. Seek out support from governing bodies or professional associations, as they have a significant interest in ensuring that you are compliant. To date, we have found that there is very little of such dialogue taking place.

You can talk to us. ClearDay can assist your organisation with GDPR preparation and compliance. Email us today.

GDPR: We Need To Talk!
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