Client has a printing issue.

On a HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 each print is off-centre with a huge left margin, and overspill on the right side.

No amount of “standard” diagnostics or printer maintenance tasks will make any difference.

All users are affected and there is no corrupted print queue.

Turns out there was a (whole) screwed-up piece of A4 inside the device, on the right-side, causing the print heads to misalign. This is not obvious, even when looking inside the printer!

I found the answer on a HP Forum here.

  1. Open the top cover so the print-head box centres itself
  2. Look closely at the right-hand cavity that is now revealed
  3. Remove the paper, or whatever is causing the blockage
  4. Close the cover and try printing again

I have never seen a whole piece of paper retained inside a printer in such a way! Tch!

Margin of Error
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